Tree Trimming

Crown reduction is pruning for the purpose of decreasing the overall size of the tree's canopy. When the branches of a tree get too big, they can create a lot of problems. For instance, the branches might get caught in the wind, causing the tree to tip over. All the extra leaves can also make a big mess on the ground. At Tom's Yard Services, LLC, the best solution is to have our professional landscaper perform tree trimming.

When performing tree stump removal of large trees, it requires heavy physical labor and extreme precaution if you do not have the proper training and equipment. Our yard work expert is experienced and fully licensed to handle any issues which arise.

We’re proud to offer professional landscape service and can quickly get to your property and get it back into shape. In addition, we also provide other lawn maintenance services such as sod installation. If you’re a resident of Waunakee, WI and have any tree trimming needs, contact Tom's Yard Services, LLC, today.

Snow Removal

Lawn maintenance is not a simple task. It is more than just mowing regularly or staying on top of leaf blowing. The winter season calls for ice management and snow removal services, and summer might necessitate sprinkler or irrigation repairs. For these reasons, Tom's Yard Services, LLC proudly offers an all season yard work service.

Lawn care may also require topdressing soil or performing deep raking to remove thatch in the fall. Spring raking will remove the blades of grass that died over the winter and loosen matted patches where the blades are stuck together. This matting may be caused by a disease known as “snow mold”. New grass will have difficulty penetrating through this matted layer in the springtime without aeration and if the dead grass is not cleared away.

Lawn mowing needs for residential properties are not always the same for commercial property. We specialize in all season lawn care services for residential and commercial landscapes alike to give our clients’ outdoor spaces that thick, healthy, vibrant turf and keep your natural lawn looking flawless.

Contact Tom's Yard Services, LLC today to get the best snow removal service in Waunakee, WI!

Power Washing

If your home or business needs power washing service, contact Tom's Yard Services, LLC today. Power washing is the way to go for removing build-up and giving your surfaces a facelift. It's a great way to preserve the life of building materials and save money on costly repairs. With regular washing and lawn maintenance, our routine cleaning is the best method of preventing your property from degrading.

Consider gutter cleaning. Your gutters may get clogged with debris like leaves and other daily normal everyday mishaps. If your gutters aren’t properly cleaned, it may cause mold on your gutters and roof. Power washing your gutters is a good idea because it prevents your roof from possible collapse in the near future. Overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to shingles and foundation. Allow our power washing services to restore your gutters. When it comes to residential and commercial yard work services, pressure washing offers our customers an effective means of removing dirt, oil, stains and grime.

At Tom's Yard Services, LLC, we proudly offer residential yard work services. If your large or small gardens need work, contact Tom's Yard Services, LLC in Waunakee, WI today. We deliver nothing less than the best in maintenance services!

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